Testimonials From Parents And Pupils

Rainbow Montessori School has been like an extended family to my son Oscar during the most difficult time a child could go through; that of losing a parent. My late husband, Martin Scheller, felt secure in the fact that his son’s talents and emotional needs would be nurtured at Rainbow, indeed they have been!

Rebecca Scheller

“I was a pupil at Rainbow Montessori from when it was first established in 1982 when I was two and a half years old until the age of seven. I am now twenty-one years of age and I am amazed and delighted at how many wonderful ways Rainbow has effected my life both then and now.”

Carla McCarogher

Dear Miss Linda, I am going to miss Rainbow Montessori School a lot. You are a brilliant headmistress. I am going to miss doing math’s. PS: I found it the best school in the world from Archie.


Not only has Rainbow Montessori changed my daughter Millie’s life, it’s changed our family life. Millie has always been a very out going child but she always second guessed herself but since starting Rainbow her way of seeing, learning and speaking have just been amazing. To see my child wake up everyday (even on a weekend) and ask me are we going to nursery today? It’s a delight to hear and to see how happy she is. I can’t recommend Rainbow enough and all the staff at Sherriff Road. The only thing that makes me sad is when the day comes where it’s time to say goodbye to Rainbow Montessori nursery. But then her journey can continue at the Junior School. 😀 I just wish we all could of went to Rainbow Montessori! 🌈 A very big thank you to Rainbow!

Millie.P Mummy

The environment at Rainbow was an excellent start for Nikhil. It allowed him to learn at his own pace. He has excelled academically and socially making the transition into High School very smooth for him. He has just completed his GCSEs. He is very thankful to Rainbow giving him such a wonderful start in life. Asha DESAI (Past and present parent) Rainbow allowed me to interact with different people of all ages frequently. This socially has helped me a great deal, especially in moving schools. Often than not I use Rainbow materials in my work for various subjects and I can see now, after completing my GCSEs, that Rainbow gave me the best possible start for my future. Rainbow has also taught me to respect others and tray them in the way you would like them to treat you, not any other of the schools I have been to or know friends who attend take this into account as much as Rainbow, who make sure that every child is made to feel comfortable. Learning is also made so fun that when I was there I could not help but take in information on The Volcano or The Timeline, no matter how distorted I may have seemed to be Thanks Rainbow.


We’re very happy with how our two-year-old son has got on so far at Rainbow. When choosing which nursery to send him to, the deciding factor was how engaged and peaceful the children seemed in the environment, and how well the staff interacted with them. Our son settled in very quickly and after a couple of weeks of tears, he now grabs his lunchbox and goes straight in without a backward glance, which is extremely gratifying to see. The nursery sends parents a link to a blog every week so they can see what their child is up to and they regularly updated us with pictures and videos when our son first started, which showed him interacting with other children and taking part in activities. Thanks to everyone at Rainbow for making him feel happy and settled and for all you do each day.

Emily T

Both my children have attended this Nursery and my son is still attending. Just watching his smile when he’s there is just priceless. They’ve both grown incredibly under the current leadership and I love the detail we get in the reports which ultimately aids our parenting. All I can say is we are very happy with the service from the team and this is very much an extended home for us. Rainbow Montessori Queens Park Nursery come highly recommended!

Stefan Knight

My son started in January and settled very quickly thanks to the amazing teachers. Rainbow Montessori West Hampstead offers a caring and nurturing environment. My son is having a wonderful first nursery experience and I highly recommend Rainbow Montessori to anyone looking for a nursery for their little ones!

Joanna Vo-Ta